Course Description
Emphasizes medical office coding for payment and reimbursement by patient or third party payers for ambulatory care settings. Practice the principles of insurance and reimbursement processing. Implement the assigning and reporting of codes for diagnoses, procedures, and services. Review and discuss claims for inpatient, outpatient, emergency department and physician office encounters.
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Medical Billing is one of the core business functions that keep healthcare facilities operational. Learn about the revenue cycle and how it impacts the bottom line of operations.

This 48-hour course will give you knowledge of:

  • Identify the responsibilities of the Insurance Billing Specialist
  • Gain a general knowledge of insurance and reimbursement processing
  • Understand the process of assigning and reporting of codes for diagnosis, procedures, and services
  • Review and discuss claims processing for inpatient, outpatient, emergency department and physician office encounters
  • Assign codes using appropriate rules, principles, guidelines and conventions
  • Prepare claims for group, government and private insurance carriers
  • Code procedures and bill for services using both electronic and manual methods
  • Compare and contrast insurance plans
  • Define common terms used to file third party reimbursement forms
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    Insurance Handbook for the Medical Office, 14th ed
    Publisher: Elsevier
    Author: Fordney
    ISBN: 978-0-323-31625-5
    Required/Optional: Required

    Other Information
    Medical Billing & Reimbursement is part of the Medical Billing Certificate Series and Medical Secretary Certificate Series