Course Description
Medical terminology for practical use within medical and health-related businesses is the focus of this course. Terms range from major body systems to diagnosis and pathology. Medical word definitions, uses, and a study of root words, suffixes, prefixes and etymology will be covered. Re-enforcement tools include flashcards, a CD Rom and a short video shown each session. This course is recommended for anyone working in a medical office/health environment. Prerequisite: High School diploma or GED equivalent.
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Learn the language of medicine!! This foundation course sets the stage for a variety of healthcare programs and allows students to delve into the terminology that will define their careers in medicine.

This course is great for students starting medical careers or for those who want to become better informed consumers of healthcare services.

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For the instructor led class:
Medical Terminology for the Health Care Professions, 8th ed.
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Author: Erlich
ISBN: 978-1305634350

For the online class:
You will need the following - this is your access code and will also give you access to the ebook: LMS Integrated for MindTap Medical Terminology
Cengage Learning
ISBN: 978-1305634466
Other Information
Medical Terminology is a prerequisite course for the Medical Coding Certificate Series, the Medical Billing Certificate Series
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