Course Descriptions - Memoir Writing I, II and III
Memoir Writing I - Get started writing your memories or those of your family. Class activities focus on finding the stories that need to be told, figuring out how to start them, and deciding on specific details to include. You will create a unique index of story topics and write a short memoir for each session. Our goal is to make every story you write one you will be proud to share with your family. Each class offers opportunity to share stories and help class members make helpful revisions.

Memoir Writing II - Combine your love of writing and your passion for family stories into a publishable collection. Whether you wish to record highlights of your own life, write a family history, or capture the oral stories of your grandparents before they are forgotten, this course provides you with a solid foundation from which to build. Your weekly writing can be a suggested topic or one of your own ideas. Writing skills, tips and class member suggestions provide focus for editing pieces.

Memoir Wriing III - Participants in the Memoir Writing III class have written extensively on their collected memoirs. In these sessions they will add new pieces and look for themes around which to organize their stories. All sotries are read aloud with print copies of one writer's work shared with class members each week for critiques
Instructor Bio
Mary Pfeiffer spent thirty plus years as an educator in the Plano schools. She taught writing to both students and teachers, focusing on clear and direct discourse that paints a verbal picture. Believing that everyone has a story to tell, she guides memoir writers beyond the mundane facts of when and where they were born to the tales that recall experiences from delight to disaster. An author from her teen years when she wrote a weekly column for her local newspaper, she has recently seen her short memoir of her aunt�s life included in Ten Spurs, the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference�s top ten selections, published by the University of North Texas.
Course Objectives
Memoir Writing I
  1. Create a life timeline
  2. Avoid the �blank page� that blocks creativity
  3. Capture the look and feeling of a remembered setting in descriptive images
  4. Write stories of life events

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Memoir Writing II
  1. Find new stories in old memories
  2. Develop writing skills
  3. Edit and polish drafts
  4. Explore ways of collecting or publishing memoirs

Memoir Writing III
  1. Identify themes
  2. Share written pieces with class
  3. Critique written pieces



Course Syllabi
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Memoir Writing I
Memoir Writing II
Memoir Writing III