Course Description
Learn different methods for recruiting and filling a non-profit board and organizing volunteers, the lifeblood of most nonprofit organizations. Learn about the role of Board members, volunteers who help guide the direction of a nonprofit, promote the organization in the community, and ensure that the nonprofit's mission is fulfilled.
Course Objectives

1. Develop bylaws for the nonprofit organization (sample bylaws).
2. Describe the responsibilities of the nonprofit board.
3. Discuss different models for organizing a nonprofit board (sample handouts).
4. Explain different approaches for recruiting and filling a nonprofit board.
5. Describe why board evaluations are useful (sample handout).
6. Explain why nonprofit boards form committees (sample handouts).
7. Describe how nonprofits can develop and maintain a strong volunteer base.

Who Should Take This Course?
Managers or individuals starting a nonprofit
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Course Syllabus
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