Course Description

Designed for inactive registered nurses returning to active practice. Current professional nursing practice as related to the clinical areas of medical-surgical, maternal-child, mental health, and community health nursing care. The intention of this course is to enable nurses to reintroduce and develop their knowledge bases, nursing skills, and confidence in practice by reviewing current technology, equipment, nursing trends and practices and legalities. Individuals must be eligible for a temporary nursing license (RN) through the TX Board of Nursing, or hold a current TX RN license. This course will also meet the requirements as an LPN Refresher course.

Class Information: Students will complete 80 hours of online training, 2 days of skills training and 80 hours of clinical at a local facility.

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Important Documents
You may do the verification at anytime BUT the temporary license is good for only 6 months so do not apply for it until right before your class begins.

Textbook Information
Title: Clinical Nursing Skills, 9th edition
Smith, Duell & Martin
ISBN: 978-0-13408-792-4

Title: Medical-Surgical Nursing: Critical Reasoning in Patient Care, 6th edition
Lemone, Burke & Bauldoff
ISBN: 978-0-1331-3943-3

Title: Pharmacology: A Patient-Centered Nursing Process Approach, 9th edition
Elsevier Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-3233-9916-6
(Or any current Pharmacology textbook)

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