Course Description
This one day training session is to assist child care personnel in obtaining the 8 hours of pre-service training required by the State of Texas that employees need before working in a child care facility. The course content includes the basics of child development, shaken baby syndrome, childhood brain development, SIDS, building self-esteem, interaction with children, supervision of children, age appropriate activities, standard procedures in emergencies, child abuse & neglect and an overview of the Day Care Center Minimum Standards and Guidelines from the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services. All seminar participants will receive booklets on the above material and actively take part in learning basic classroom management skills.

This session is 7 hours in length, the one last remaining hour of training required by the state should be conducted at the facility to educate the employee of the facility's procedures & guidelines.
 Recognize the basic standards required of individuals employed to provide care and guidance in group settings
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No Textbooks Required