Course Description
This course focuses on the unique characteristics of screenwriting. From your original concept, you will learn to weave a story using dramatic structure, vivid characters, and cinematic conventions. This course covers the basic structure of a script for film or TV. You will also be given guidance in rewriting and polishing your unique script. Furthermore, time will be spent on networking, contests, writer�s groups, agents, etc., with the ultimate goal of selling your "Spec Script" to a producer or studio.
Instructor Bio
Don Simonds has written six feature film scripts, two stage plays, four live action short films, and one sitcom for television. Educationally, Mr. Simonds minored in Film-Radio-Television during his Master�s program at the University of Texas. He participated in the Motion Picture & Television Program at UCLA. He studied Stage writing at the University of St. Thomas in Houston and minored in Theatre during his Bachelor�s program at Florida State.
Course Objectives
  1. Learn the fundamental concepts and techniques of dramatic writing: including; but not limited to, the basic structure of a script, why the first 10 pages are most important, how to craft a marketable script, and develop believable characters.
  2. Receive guidance for approaching a rewrite; such as, how to analyze a scene, fix composition, develop antagonism, improve cast design, ensure a character arc, and polish and tighten dialogue.
  3. Participants will be encouraged to complete the first draft or at a minimum Act One of a feature length film or TV pilot script.
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Course Syllabus
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