Course Description
Struts 2 is an open-source Java application development framework built on the popular Model-View-controller design pattern. The Struts framework jumpstarts web development by providing a reusable infrastructure ("the plumbing") common to well designed dynamic web sites. This course covers the practical knowledge required to build Struts-based applications. Example implementations will be examined and the students will build Struts applications. The student will also have the opportunity to use several open-source tools including Eclipse, Jakarta Tomcat, Ant and Log4j. Struts 2 is the latest version of Struts but it is not just an upgrade to Strut1, it is a completely redesigned architecture that is more in line with current Java web development methodologies.
What you will learn ...
  1. Be able to effectively use modern web (application) servers.
  2. Be proficient in advanced server-side Java programming.
  3. Understand the basic components of the Struts Framework (version 1.3)
  4. Learn the basic steps required to design, build and maintain a Struts application.
  5. Understand, and be proficient in the use of the JSP Filters
  6. Gain familiarity in the use of Ant and Log4J.
  7. Be able to use HTML, JSPs, Servlets, Struts and database functionality to produce advanced comprehensive dynamic web sites.

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Introduction to Struts 2
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Hours: 24