Course Description
Local or global, your travel stories have multiple audiences. Learn how your words can create an image and encourage readers to travel to your favorite places. This class is designed to help you offer your readers tips on traveling, discuss special travel markets, write the short travel pieces that can sell many times. Learn how your trips can be tax deductible. This fast-paced course will include handouts, market lists and allow you to create and complete a travel article in two weeks.
Course Objectives
  1. Know what to look for in travel destinations for articles that sell.
  2. Learn how to create multiple articles from a single trip.
  3. Identify markets for travel writing.
  4. Know how to write query letters specific to the travel market.
  5. Be able to create an information-packed sidebar.
  6. Know what and how to keep travel records for tax purposes.
  7. Learn resources available when planning travel writing trips.
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Course Syllabus
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