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Health Unit Coordinator

Health Unit Coordinators typically work in hospitals and coordinate the care for all of the patients on a particular unit.  They are responsible for a range of support duties.
  • Greeting visitors
  • Ordering supplies
  • Assembling patient charts
  • Answering telephones
  • Entering patient information into the computer
  • Corresponding with doctors and nurses
  • Scheduling patient appointments with other departments

Topics will include instruction in medical charts and forms, transcription of physician's orders, interpreting medical terminology, abbreviations, and symbols, coordinating diagnostic testing, communication in the healthcare setting, prioritizing orders and tasks, ensuring patient confidentiality, and performing routine quality assurance on charts. Effective communication skills, multi-tasking, and setting work priorities will be learned and practiced. 

Certification Information 

The Health Unit Coordinator Certificate will give students the material and education needed to prepare and pass the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators exam.  Areas of possible employment in a hospital setting will include as a Health Unit Coordinator, Health Unit Clerk, Unit Secretary, Unit Clerk, or Unit Assistant.

Courses in the Certificate Series

Course Name: Health Unit Coordinator
Course Number: HUWC 1003
Hours: 96
Fee: $749
Schedule Options
Course Name: Medical Terminology
Course Number: MEDC 5480
Hours: 48
Fee: $325
Schedule Options
Course Name: Healthcare Ethics & HIPAA Compliance
Course Number: MEDC 5445
Hours: 32
Fee: $220
Schedule Options
Course Name: Electronic Health Records
Course Number: MDCA 1091
Hours: 32
Fee: $220
Schedule Options
Course Name: Health Career Success
Course Number: HLTH 5350
Hours: 24
Fee: $109
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Health Unit Coordinator Externship (HLTH 5375) - Should be taken as the last course, requires Pre-admission application