What is Continuing Education (CE)?
What is the difference between a credit course and a Continuing education course?
  • Credit courses are generally taken as part of a degree program and provide college credits.
  • Noncredit courses are offered to provide a purposeful and systematic process of acquiring and recording lifetime learning for individuals who are not enrolled in a formally structured curriculum.
  • Noncredit courses provide Continuing Education Units (CEU)s. 
Why would I want to take Continuing Education courses?
  • These are courses you will take to increase your knowledge of skills-either to help you on the job or for your personal enrichment.
  • You will not earn "traditional" college credits toward a degree, although you may earn Continuing Education Units or CEUs which will be recorded on a Continuing Education transcript as Continuing Education Units (CEUs).
  • Some courses may last only a couple of hours; others may meet over several weeks.
What are Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?
  • CEUs are recognized nationally to record satisfactory completion of certain approved occupationally related programs.
  • Courses are offered throughout the county at a variety of sites depending on the types of courses and availability of facilities.
Will I receive a certificate once I complete my course?
  • Continuing Education does not offer certificates* for any individual courses.
  • However, you may request an official school transcript.
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are awarded for successful course completion.
  • One CEU is awarded for each ten (10) contact hours of instruction included in a specified Continuing education program or activity.
  • Successful completion is attendance-based, unless otherwise noted with "Passed Competencies: under "CEUs Earned."
  • Ninety percent attendance is required for successful completion.
  • For transcript requests call, 972.985.3721.

*Certificates are awarded for a Certificate Series only.

Locations for Continuing Education classes
Continuing Education classes are located at the Courtyard Center as well as other various locations. Click here for a list of locations and maps.
Concurrent Enrollment
The Continuing Education Division works closely with the credit program to offer concurrent enrollment in some credit classes. Space is limited for concurrent participants.
  • Participants in concurrent courses are expected to attend class regularly, complete all assignments and take tests.
  • Concurrent students earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs), not semester credit hours.
  • Refunds are based on Continuing Education Department refund policy.
  • If you wish to receive semester credit hours for a concurrent course, you must enroll through the credit registration process rather than through Continuing Education.
  • For more information, call 972.881.5114 or for McKinney residents, 972.548.6790 ext. 5114.
How can I get more information about the contents of a course?
Visit the Syllabus Depot which has expanded information for the courses offered by Continuing Education (CE).
Are there any prerequisites for Continuing Education courses?
  • Many courses specify prerequisite knowledge.
  • These prerequisites are stated to ensure students have prior kowledge & skills required to get the best out of the course & to be successful in that course.
  • We recommend that you take the time to talk to the CE Advisor or Program Director for that area by clicking here.
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