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Julie Centeno

Learning something new gives the brain a challenge and changes the neuro-connections of the brain. These changes happen within weeks, maybe even days.

Julie Centeno approaches the whole human in her healthcare practice and in her teaching in the classroom. She has studied the way people learn because her children have different learning styles. “My classroom is a friendly, nonthreatening learning environment where students obtain, retain and utilize the tools needed for the profession,” remarked Julie. Most of her students are training for their second or third career. After they complete their training, they take and pass the national certification exam and then move on to their chosen new career.

Mixed with humor to assess engagement and understanding, students experience lively lectures, discussions, quizzes and exams to prepare them for the Medical Billing or Medical Coding National Certification exam. The Collin College Continuing Education Medical Billing and Coding Certificate Series has a great reputation. In fact, four former students sit on the board of directors of the American Academy of Professional Coders.

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Q: What is an example of a different learning style?
A: Students need to use the strong side of their brain to learn and understand new concepts. It’s not uncommon to see students occupying their hands with knitting, crochet, or by holding an object while I lecture. They retain the knowledge and ‘ace’ the test.

Q: When you aren’t teaching Continuing Education courses, how do you spend your spare time?
A: Besides running my holistic healthcare practice, I am an advocate for the parents of children with Potocki-Lupski Syndrome. It is a genetic syndrom that is often misdiagnosed as Autism. Doctors’ refer the parents of children with this syndrome to me from around the world. I want parents to know they are not alone.

Student Comments
"Julie is an incredible instructor. My favorite class that Julie taught was Medical Terminology. In Medical Terminology, Julie encouraged us to make flashcards. This exercise helped me learn the fundamentals of many medical terms. What I learned in Medical Terminology back in 2009 still helps me to this day when I come across a medical term that I’m not sure of."
Linda B., CPC
“Julie taught 4 of the 8 continuing education courses I took as part of the Medical Coding certification preparation. Most of the adults taking these courses, including me, were in the process of making a career change, and opted to veer toward the healthcare field. She approached us with professionalism, respect and a wonderful sense of humor that made the material easier to absorb and retain. After taking and passing the AAPC exam, I went to work as a medical coder/biller, and got involved in the board of our local AAPC Chapter. With the impending move from ICD-9 to ICD-10 (the internationally recognized method used to classify disease and health problems), detailed knowledge of A&P is going to be even more critical for a medical coder. I will shortly be breaking out my notes from Julie's classes to refresh my memory about body systems that I don't normally code for in my day-to-day job. And I will continue to appreciate Julie for the foundation she gave me for embarking upon my new career in the Health Care field!”
Monica S., CPC