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Ken Hogan

Everything in life is a project. Students learn what a projects are how to better organize the daily activities of life including work activities.

When you meet Ken Hogan for the first time, you would never guess he is juggling any number of mission critical projects. This certified project management professional applies best practices that have been honed during the past three decades of his career while managing successful projects. He has worked in multiple industries, including mortgage banking, property management, telecommunication and transportation.

In his classroom, he shares real life experiences through a variety of teaching styles. “I combine teaching styles for different types of content and diversity of student needs. Some class sessions may rely on lecture while others may employ more interactive models,” Hogan said. “Students can expect lecture, group assignments and homework.”

Students who are seeking career growth or transitioning to a new career learn that “the PMP certification makes individuals more marketable and approachable,” Hogan said.

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Q: Why should someone take Continuing Education courses?
A: All of us need to sharpen the saw, grow and learn, throughout our career. Even if you take a refresher course, it helps you get involved and be a better contributor on the job and ultimately sets you apart from others.

Q: What drives you to teach Continuing Education students?
A: The opportunity to help others through sharing my experiences and validating their thoughts and ideas. I learn from the students as much as they learn from me, so teaching helps me to learn so much.

Student Comments
"Ken Hogan is an exceptional instructor. I have taken numerous courses in a variety of settings as an adult, so it is not lightly that I give this glowing compliment. I greatly appreciate his teaching techniques, experience in the profession and ability to make some complex processes easy to understand while treating his students as professionals. I’m confident that all his students share my praise.”
Reene J., Project Management student

“Ken has a very good grasp of Project Management principles and an ability to clearly articulate those principles to others. He also clearly has the ability to lead a large group and to maintain a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.”
Carl A., PMP, P.Eng Manager Database Engineering