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Pat Salvador

I'm here to make sure everyone gets that "Oh that's how you do it" moment.

No matter the subject, Collin College Continuing Education instructor Pat Salvador believes a class should be interesting and fun in order to be truly beneficial.

That’s the strategy Salvador takes within his Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator classes.

“I've always thought that if a class wasn't interesting, enjoyable and different you would always loose a student’s interest and therefore, their drive to learn,” Salvador said. “I want each of my students to come out from a class with an accomplished goal. If they don't feel like they’ve learned what they wanted, then what was the point?”

Salvador has more than a decade’s worth of experience within corporations such as AMX and Samsung Electronics working as a technical writer, graphics developer and video/multimedia editor.

“I love my interaction with each student and I believe that everyone needs to participate. Without group participation, there will always be students that miss something, either because they were too afraid to ask those dreaded ‘dumb questions,’ or because they are not a person that works well within a group. I’m here to make sure everyone gets that “Oh that’s how you do it” moment,” Salvador said.