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Alumni Gallery

Collin College is proud of its illustrious alumni. Many  have transferred to prestigious universities such as Yale, Cornell, Tulane and The Juilliard School, to name a few. Our alumni have gone on to establish successful careers as medical doctors, medical researchers, lawyers, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, and more.

Here, we've profiled some of their stories. If you'd like to share your success story, please contact Public Relations -- we're eager to hear from you!

Mike Aday  Mike Aday, historian
"The Vein Of History Runs From Small Towns To High Peaks"

Carlos Carrion  Carlos Carrion, engineer/dentist
"Right Time, Right Place"

Vincent Nguyen  Vincent Nguyen, scholar/scientist
"Educational Clairvoyance And Parkinson’s Disease"

Nicholas Palmer  Nicholas Palmer, lawyer
"Collin College graduate works in U.S. district court"

Scott Michael Foster  Scott Michael Foster, actor
"Former Collin College student goes Greek"

Dr Chad Lemaire  Dr. Chad Lemaire, physician/psychiatry
"Dr. Chad Lemaire graduate No. 1 in med school"

Dr. Sydney Anne Barcus  Dr. Sydney Anne Barcus, industrial psychologist
"Collin College leads to new career path in industrial psychology"

Dr. Tri Phung Dr. Tri Phung, physician/anesthesiology
"War-torn dreams lead brothers to become physicians"

Dr. Vu Phung Dr. Vu Phung, physician/family practice
"War-torn dreams lead brothers to become physicians"

Brian Cook Brian Cook, physician assistant
"Two Brians find their personal paths to success "

Brian Allen Brian Allen, graphic designer and animator
"Two Brians find their personal paths to success "

Marcela Guerrero Casas Marcela Guerrero Casas, human rights activist
"Collin Graduate Makes a Difference in South Africa"

Michael Urie Michael Urie, actor
"Former Collin student is celebrity in hit TV series Ugly Betty"

Dr. Guillermo Ameer Dr. Guillermo Ameer, biomedical engineer
"Dr. Guillermo Ameer’s discoveries to make the human body just like new"

Elizabeth Dalton Elizabeth Dalton, biological weapons expert
"Former student fights bioterrorism"

Geoffrey Bailey Geoffrey Bailey, White House intern
"An insider's view of the White House"

Dr. Clint Feagin and Amanda Self Feagin Dr. Clint Feagin & Amanda Self Feagin, veterinarian & teacher

Vanessa Hundley Vanessa Hundley, school counselor
"Graduate from first class now a counselor at Plano Senior High School"

Laura Bailey Laura Bailey, voice actress
"Former student featured as lead character in animated cartoon series"