Where Are They Now?

Former Collin College Student Goes Greek

Scott Michael Foster. Photo: ABC Family

Scott Michael Foster.
Photo: ABC Family

Last year 1.6 million people watched Scott Michael Foster on television. More than six feet tall with tousled brown hair and piercing blue eyes, Foster plays the fun-loving character Cappie on the hit ABC Family show Greek. His easy-going demeanor, on and off the set, matches his appearance, but Foster is far more ambitious than the character he plays on TV.

Before Greek
Before moving to L.A. and landing a leading role in Greek, Foster performed in the production Baby at Collin College and took Acting I, Voice and Diction and Acting III : Improvisation at the college.

“Peg Waldschmidt, my high school director, was always talking about Collin College. We saw shows there and went to auditions. I saw Clockwork Orange with Brian Smith [a former Collin College student now playing a leading role in Stargate Universe]. I learned a lot from the classes I took at Collin College. I had an amazing time at the college,” Foster said.

Foster’s acting career includes Teenage Dirtbag; The Horrible Flowers; Forever Charlie; Quarterlife, a web series with Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, and appearances in various, national commercials. When he is not acting he is singing, playing guitar or writing and recording songs for his band Siren’s Eye.

Behind the Scenes
Foster does not want to follow in any other actor’s footsteps. He wants to make a name for himself. However, he does admire the work of Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover and Gary Oldman.

“I watch these actors do fantastic work. Maybe it is the fact that they are so real and have moved you before. It looks easy because they are professionals. On Greek, I do what comes naturally, and we have amazing directors. Last season Fred Savage directed an episode. It was awesome,” Foster said.

“I have seen so many amazing people come out of Collin College and do
fantastic things; there is proof of its success.”

Foster typically works 12-14 hour days and admits it is exhausting, but his passion for acting drives him onward.

“You’ve already memorized your lines and get on the set to rehearse. You have to bring life to these words. You still have to bring so much to the table to make it real. A good 15 percent is ad-libbed. We have a real cohesive group; the director, writers and actors all work together for the same goal,” Foster said.

Defining Success
For Foster, success is attained by hard work and is proven by repeatedly hitting the mark, something he believes the Collin Theatre Center has achieved.

“For me, it was a great experience because I had seen so many plays there, and I knew what I could be a part of. If you really want to be part of an amazing theatrical program, go see the plays and get excited about joining. I have seen so many amazing people come out of Collin College and do fantastic things; there is proof of its success,” Foster said.