Example Presentations

For those of you unfamiliar with the format of an academic conference panel, here are a few samples to watch:

Make note of the following panel components:

A chairperson introduces the panel topic/theme and then introduces each of the presenters

Each presenter then summarizes her/his research project for the audience
  • The presenter does not merely read their paper to the audience.
  • Instead, they engage the audience with their thesis, methodology, examples, etc.
  • Visual aids are certainly acceptable!

After all presenters have concluded, a respondent ends the session with a brief discussion about the research presented.

Important Note:

These sample panels are much longer in length than what you will see &/or participate in at the Collin College Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Student Research Conference.
  • Generally, our panels will occupy a 50-minute slot.
  • This means each student will speak for approximately 6-7 minutes