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Sample Submission
Sample Submission

Sample Submissions

Students may present in any of the formats listed below. When you submit you will indicate which you desire. 


*Panel        *Roundtable      *Performance     *Poster Board      *Professor-Sponsored panel      *Collin College HSA student. 


IMPORTANT:  If you choose to submit as a Group/Panelonly 1 member of that group will upload each of the paper(s) &/or abstract(s) from each member of the group

Again, only one member of the group should do this; they will act as the contact person for the entire group. 


IMPORTANT: If you are a Faculty Sponsor, you will either

1) upload each of the papers &/or abstracts from each member of thegroup

or you will

2) upload one paper or abstract for the entire group. 

Only faculty members can submit in this manner, not students!