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The Writers’ Bloc organization wants to help you prepare your submission!

Students interested in workshopping their papers (adding to their chance of winning one of the $1,250.00 scholarships) should contact Sean Ferrier-Watson at for more details. 

helping student



1) Send an e-mail to making certain to attach your research 

2) Type the title of your paper in the subject line

3) Again, please remember to attach your research to the e-mail

4) In the e-mail body, include the following information:

 - I am from a 2-year school. I am from a  4-year school (pick one)

 - The name of my current school is _____________________________________

 - I am submitting my own, singular work. I am submitting as part of a larger group (pick one)

NOTE: If you are submitting as part of a group, attach all papers to this one e-mail. You are the representative/primary contact for this group. In order to make certain all group members are in the know, however, you should make certain to CC all group members in the submission e-mail.  If you are submitting as a single individual, simply attach your own paper. 

 - I want to present as part of a PANEL, a ROUNDTABLE, a POSTER BOARD, or a PERFORMANCE (pick one)

 - By submitting this research, I agree to have it published online on Collin's Digital Commons platform at the conclusion of the conference. 

- If accepted, I agree that I will be in attendance at the designated time to present my work on April 24, 2019. 

Do not forget to attach your research to the e-mail 

Please use an email account you check regularly.