Employer Tools

Take advantage of the free tools CWED provides to help you run your business more efficiently!
  • Do you need to determine if your leaders and individual performers have the skills they need today? Take advantage of our:

    Free Leadership Skills Assessment

  • It costs your company every time an employee leaves, but do you know how much? Calculate the cost with:

    Cost of Turnover  (reprinted with permission from DDI)

  • Do you want to know if your employees' computer skills are at the beginning, intermediate, or advanced level? Find out with our:

    Microsoft Office Assessments

  • Do you want to know what training resources you will gain access to when you partner with the Center for Workforce and Economic Development? Learn more about our:

    Training Resources

  • Are you looking for open enrollment adult continuing education for yourself or one or two employees? Take a look at the website for:

    Continuing Education


  • Want to register one of your employees in a Continuing Education or Credit course and have your company billed for the tuition? Go here:

    Bill My Employer