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The Focus of Lean - Ever wonder just what "lean" is and what the challenges of implementation are? Read the five-step process for guiding implementation and the four main points that organizations must focus on while implementing a lean program.

The Invisible Workforce - Are you trying to lead a team you can't see? Read this research report to find out how you can connect and help motivate your long-distance team into their best performance.

Age-Based Stereotypes - Stereotyping based on age can place your team at risk for poor collaboration, decreased engagement and productivity, and damage to bottom line results. Read this report and discover the five best practices for finding common ground among your diverse team members.

Beyond Selling - Read the latest research report from AchieveGlobal on how successful sales organizations have a new strategic focus for the sales teams and their entire company from the top down - creating and owning the exceptional customer experience. It's not enough today to use the old mindset of "sell, sell, sell."

Leader vs. Manager: What's the Distinction? - Read how leaders succeed in today's business climate. It takes more than being "just a manager."

Generations: Harnessing the Potential of the Multigenerational Workforce - Generational differences bring a new level of complexity and new opportunity to the notion of what it is to manage a diverse workforce. Learn how the ability to bridge the "generation gap" can create a powerful competitive advantage.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Success Story - See how training in Professional Selling Skills created a healthier sales environment for BCBS.

AchieveGlobal's Success with Call Center Training - Learn how AchieveGlobal training in interpersonal skills increased sales conversions, revenue per call, and customer satisfaction.

Seeing Blind Spots: Identifying and Correcting Frontline Managers' Leadership Skill Gaps - Review the results of DDI's recent survey of what it is like to be a frontline manager today and discover the three best practices to set managers on the path to readiness.

Surveying the Sales Landscape: B2B Response to a Changing Economy - Read the survey to understand how the economic downturn is affecting companies and sales results and what sales professionals are doing differently in their strategies to survive the changing economy.

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