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You don't have to be fluent to communicate effectively!™

Do your employees need to know key words and phrases to communicate with Spanish-speaking customers and co-workers?

We can help with our Workplace Spanish® curriculum.

Workplace Spanish® courses are designed to make your employees more productive & efficient when working with other employees, customers, patients, or citizens. These programs produce very tangible results and enable people to communicate in Spanish in basic and meaningful ways, without long periods of classes and study.

Workplace Spanish® offers a series of job-specific Spanish learning programs that are designed to enable basic, effective communication in Spanish without having to learn the language in the traditional, academic way. Materials contain both workplace and conversational expressions. Rather than learn grammar, rules, or verb conjugations, participants learn by identifying and repeating carefully selected terms and expressions that are pertinent to a particular work environment.

We have curriculum for more than 20 industries:

Banking Law Enforcement
City & County Government Manufacturing
Construction Pharmacists
Court Systems Real Estate
Customer Service Restaurants & Food Service
Firefighters & EMS Retailers & Supermarkets
Golf Superintendents/ Landscapers State Lotteries
Health Care Supervisors
Hospitals & Nurses Teachers/School Administrators
Hotels & Hospitality Travelers & Tourists
Human Resources

Over 90,000 people in 47 states have used Workplace Spanish® materials to achieve basic Spanish communication skills.

Call us today at 972.985.3768 to learn how your employees can learn to communicate in Spanish in basic and meaningful ways, without long periods of classes or study.

English Learning Programs
We can also provide simple English learning programs for Hispanics to learn English.

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