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Courses in Welding will be offered at the Spring Creek Campus in Plano. The department has a foundry and TIG, MIG and stick welders. Student will learn technical as well as creative welding techniques.

First Step: Apply for Admission to Collin College. All students who desire to enroll in welding courses must be admitted to Collin. The deadline for new students to apply to the college is Aug. 25th. The courses offered are credit courses. Click here for more information about the application process. 


Fall 2018

WLDG 1408 Metal Sculpture

Techniques and methods of electric welding and cutting to produce metal sculptures. Skill development in material forming, welding, brazing, and finishing techniques. Includes work ethics, artistic styles, and professionalism. Lab required.

WLDG 1471 Intro to Foundry Practices

Fundamentals of conceptualizing and producing cast items in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Skill development through the the casting process to create objects from different materials. Includes welding,  pattern making, mold making, flask construction and casting of ferrous and non ferrous metals. Lab required.

Email Professor Luke Sides at for more information.

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