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ASL / IEP Events

ASL / IEP Events


IEP students are encouraged to attend a handful of different Deaf events every semester, in order to gain additional outside experience in ASL and interpreting. Below are some suggested events you can attend, including some that are outside of Collin College.


NOTE: Your ASL instructor may have specific requirements as far as attending events for course credit. The events listed below are not necessarily approved for coursework, so please consult with your instructor and review your syllabus for specific course requirements.


2018 Deaf, Deaf World - April 7, 2018

Every spring, Collin College hosts the Deaf, Deaf World event. This celebration includes an afternoon of silent exhibits, workshops, and skits, where students can learn some basic ASL and experience what life is like in a Deaf environment. Then, in the evening, there is a silent dinner with ASL entertainment. The afternoon event is free, while ticket proceeds from the dinner event go toward the Collin College interpreter student scholarship fund. For more information, contact Professor Vijay Advani at


2018 CIT Conference - Oct. 31 - Nov. 3, 2018

The Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT) serves as an international community of interpreter educators. Click the link above for more information about their biennial conference coming in 2018.


View also the Community Organizations and Resources page for a list of community organizations where you can gain ASL and interpreting experience outside of Collin College.


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