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Mock Trial Why Join

Collin College Mock TrialMock Trial LogoWhy Join the Collin College Mock Trial Team?

Want to be an attorney? Mock trial is a great opportunity to learn a little about what it’s like to be an attorney. You’ll learn about how litigation works and what attorneys do to prepare for the courtroom. More importantly, you’ll get to try your hand at preparing a witness for trial and cross-examine a hostile witness.

Hone essential career enhancing skills. Mock trial will help you hone essential skills such as public speaking, making a persuasive argument, critical thinking, and working with members of a team to accomplish a goal. All these things are important skills that are valued by potential employers.

 Travel. Each year the Collin College Mock Trial Team travels to several area colleges and universities to compete against their mock trial teams. Additionally, the mock trial team travels to Washington D.C. to observe highly ranked mock trial teams at the Hilltop Invitational at Georgetown University Law School. All travel is generously funded by Collin College.

Meet people and Network. Mock trial teams devote a lot of time working and traveling together and by extension getting to know each other and building friendships that may last a lifetime. You’ll also get to meet real attorneys and legal professionals who can give you real world practical advice and help you to make contacts in the legal community. 

Want to be an actor or practice playing an interesting role? Witnesses are some of the most important roles on a mock trial team. Mock trial gives you the opportunity to play different types of characters that are critical to team success. You might find yourself playing the part of a bitter television talk show host, a wrongly accused murderer, or a police officer determined to put someone behind bars. 

Have fun. Perhaps the most important reason to join the Collin College Mock Trial Team is to have fun. Some of your best memories of college might be the time you spent participating in mock trial, making friends, and doing something exciting.