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Veterinary Assistant Program

Program Cost:

 VTHT 1070

 Introduction to Veterinary Assisting

 VTHT 1071  Veterinary Front Office  $249.
 VTHT 1066  Practicum - Veterinary Assistant  $449., plus an additional $13. for the liability fee.


Textbook Cost:

 VTHT 1070  Elsevier's Veterinary Assisting Textbook  ISBN: 978-0323681452  $96.81*
 VTHT 1070  Elsevier's Veterinary Assisting Workbook  ISBN: 978-0323681636  $39.95*
 VTHT 1071

 Front Office Management for the Veterinary Team

 ISBN: 978-0323570404  $79.89*

*Cost of books are estimated.


Navy Blue Scrubs:

 Cherokee  $43.*
 Dickies   $36.*
 WonderWink   $29.*

* Cost of scrubs are estimated per set.

* There is not a required brand, the above brands are the most popular.