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Veterinary Assistant Program

What is the difference between a Licensed Veterinary Technician and a Certified Veterinary Assistant?

There's often confusion about veterinary assistants and veterinary technicians as the same job.  While employees in these two positions work together and have some similarities, their role duties do vary.  Both roles ultimately lead to keeping animals healthy and strong.  In either role, you become a trusted member of a veterinarian's staff, and more importantly, you are making a difference in animals' lives.

Below are some differences in job duties:

Licensed Veterinary Technicians:

  • Restrain animals during procedures or exams
  • Perform radiographs on animals
  • Collect and perform lab tests; such as bloodwork, urinalysis, and fecals.                                                             Dog
  • Monitor hospitalized animal patients
  • Prep animals and instruments for surgery
  • Administer anesthesia and monitor responses
  • Provide emergency first aid


Certified Veterinary Assistants:

  • Maintain a safe and clean veterinary hospital environment
  • Groom and bathe animals
  • Feed animals
  • Exercise Animals
  • Watch and care for animals after surgery
  • Restrain animals during procedures or exams
  • Help veterinary technicians perform radiographs on animals
  • Stock exam rooms and hospital treatment areas with medical supplies
  • Set up supplies and equipment for medical procedures