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College 101 / College Overview
What's It Like at College?

Ever wonder what being on a real college campus is like?  Making the transition from a high school campus to a college campus can be one of the biggest challenges any new student will face.  Collin College wants to make that transition a little smoother by offering you the opportunity to experience college life.  Our College Overview presentations are informational sessions designed to give you insight into the overall community college experience.

Program highlights include:

  • What are my educational program options?

  • How do I choose a major?

  • Are there any potential barriers I need to overcome?

  • How do I apply for college?

  • Is there any financial aid available, and how do I find out?

  • Are there academic advisors available to help me?


College Overview is geared toward large groups. This presentation can be requested by high school administrators/leaders and large community groups.

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