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Dual Credit Students

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Collin College Dual Credit Student Benefits

  • Allows students to progress towards their next college goal without having to wait until high school graduation.
  • Encourages students to earn college credits while attending high school that may apply toward graduation at Collin College or another college or university.
  • Students experience a college environment and the rigor of a college course.
  • Offers scholarship opportunities.
  • Provides personal attention from Collin College Instructors.
  • Eliminates the duplication of courses taken in high school and college.
  • Provides access to all that Collin College offers: the Learning Center, the Library, the Bookstore, even a student ID (which provides additional benefits).
  • Increases flexibility in scheduling courses at the four-year schools, and may provide opportunities for semester long internship experiences or study abroad.

 Dual Credit Eligibility

  • Students must complete the entire admissions, testing, and registration process at Collin College.
  • Students must be a high school student (9th grade) at the time of enrollment.
  • Available with permission from your high school/home school administrator each semester for every         course.                                               
  • Must meet course prerequisite and placement requirements TSI (Texas Success Inititave).
  • Students must meet Collin College academic requirements to continue courses at Collin College.

Enrollment Recommendations

  • In order for students in the dual/concurrent credit enrollment program to achieve academic success, the following parameters are in place:
  • Dual/Concurrent credit students are not eligible for 3-week May, Wintermester, developmental level, or physical education classes not listed in the core curriculum.
  • Dual/Concurrent credit students may not audit courses.
  • Students must meet high school requirements and maintain satisfactory academic performance as it relates to Collin College’s Academic Standards defined in the College Catalog.

Enrollment Procedures and Requirements

  • Complete the entire admissions, testing, and registration process at Collin College.
  • A photo ID is required for all transactions on campus. 
  • Start the process by visiting with your high school counselor to discuss eligibility and class schedules.

Course information and other program details

  • Enrollment is limited to approved courses on your permission form.  (Permission forms can only be obtained by a high school counselor.) Your high school determines if you will receive dual or concurrent credit.
  • Students are held to the various policies as presented in the student handbook.


Undergraduate (Credit) course tuition assessment is based on residency and the number of enrolled credit hours.

Click here to view the current tuition table.


Approved courses vary with each individual high schools. Please check with your high school counselor prior to registering for courses.

 Core Completion

Students who complete the entire 42 hour core are considered Core Complete. This designation is placed on their transcript and all state schools in Texas are required to accept their completed core. 

Here are the lists of courses and credit hour requirements for each Transfer Degree.