Dual Credit Enrollment

Enrollment Procedures and Requirements

  • Complete the entire admissions, testing, and registration process at Collin College
  • A photo ID is required for all transactions on campus. 
  • Start the process by visiting with your high school counselor to discuss eligibility and class schedule.
  • Download/print the appropriate registration checklist
  • Follow the admissions guidelines
  • Complete and sign the appropriate permission form
  • Returning students should follow the registration guidelines


Course information and other program details

  • Enrollment is limited to approved courses on your permission form.  Your high school determines if you will receive dual or concurrent credit.
  • Students must meet course prerequisites as outlined in the online catalog.
  • During Maymester and Wintermester terms, dual/concurrent credit students may enroll in one online course.
  • Dual/concurrent credit students are not eligible for developmental education courses or physical education courses.  Dual/concurrent credit students are unable to audit courses.
  • Students are held to the various policies as presented in the student handbook.

Information for Graduating Dual Credit Seniors