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Baylor Invests in Higher Education in Collin County
Baylor Invests in Higher Education in Collin County
Leaders of Baylor Health Care System hospitals in Collin County–including Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano, Baylor Medical Center at McKinney and THE HEART HOSPITAL Baylor Plano–recently presented a $20,000 donation check to Collin College on behalf of Baylor. The donation is earmarked for scholarships for students pursuing degrees in health care-related fields such as nursing, respiratory therapy, surgical technology and other high demand occupations.

Baylor has a long history of supporting Collin College through annual donations as well as by providing job opportunities for its graduates. But it’s a two-way street according to Jerri Garison, Baylor Plano president.

“We like partnering with Collin College because they are producing great workers in many fields of health care that go on to serve the Plano and Collin County community,” explains Garison. “It’s really been a mutually beneficial relationship for as long as I can remember.”

Cary A. Israel, Collin College district president, agrees. “Baylor’s investment in scholarships at Collin College provides a meaningful return not only to students but to our community because they support the future nurses and health care professionals who will be caring for us.”

Annually, approximately 275 students graduate from Collin College’s in health care credit programs. Many Baylor nurses, technicians and therapists received education and training through Collin College or other North Texas college districts. Collin College regularly attends Baylor Plano education fairs for Baylor employees and their family and friends interested in pursuing a degree or certification in a health care-related field.

“Collin County is an extremely competitive market for health care, so having a college system like Collin College with quality medical training programs is essential to our local industry,” says Garison.