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    As members of the Collin College Community, faculty and staff contribute day
    in and day out, sharing their time, talent and expertise with Collin students and the community-at-large.  Collectively, Collin College faculty and staff also contributed $58,346 in 2009-10 - a record setting year for employee giving!

    The 2010 Faculty/Staff Giving Campaign will run October 4-October 29, 2010.  Please consider making a voluntary gift commitment to one or several campaigns.  YOU are able to designate where in the Foundation your gift is used.  Every gift - regardless of the amount - makes a difference for our students and their families who are depending on scholarships to pay for their education. 

    To make a gift, please complete and return a gift/pledge form to your campus representative or make a gift online.  For more information, please contact Paula at x5179 or Donna at x6508.

    Thank you for your support and all you do to help our students succeed.

    Paula Miller    Donna Okaro
    Professor of Accounting    Assistant Director, Student Life
    Faculty/Staff Campaign Co-Chair  Faculty/Staff Campaign Co-Chair


    2010 Faculty/Staff Giving Campaign Steering Committee
    Back Row (left to right):  Carol White, Margaret Yates, Donna Okaro  Front Row (left to right):  Paula Miller, Marcy Cadena-Smith, Francis Choy, Marie Piet, Jinger Peeples  Not Pictured:  Elaine Fanini, Lupita Tinnen

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    Supporting Collin College Foundation:  Questions & Answers

    employee photo
    Paula Miller & Donna Okaro, 2010 Faculty/Staff Giving Campaign Co-Chairs
    2010 Faculty Staff Giving Campaign Committee
    2010 Campaign Co-Chairs: 
    Paula Miller & Donna Okaro
    AHS/CHEC/CYC Campus Champion: 
    Marie Piet
    Brenda McNeese
    Carol Luckock
    Jyo Pai
    CPC Campus Champions: 
    Elaine Fanini & Jinger Peeples
    Elaine Stewart
    Jonathan McAnally
    Lisa Huang
    Sarah Henderson
    PRC Campus Champion: 
    Francis Choy
    Ann Blackman
    Dawn Richardson
    Jill Braziel
    Mary Jane Gibbons
    Paul Manganelli
    Regina Hughes
    Salena Brody
    Sandra Heron
    Terri Karlseng
    SCC Campus Champions: 
    Carol White & Lupita Tinnen
    Diane Durbin
    J'Anna Mann
    Laura Watson
    Mary Jane Tobaben
    Sandra Claborn
    Communications Coordinator:
    Marcy Cadena-Smith
    Campaign Coordinator:
    Margaret Yates