Degree Audit Instructions

Want to see the courses that are remaining for your degree?  Follow these steps and run your own degree audit! (Please note the audit will not include any courses you are currently registered for.)

1.  Go to

2.  Log into CougarWeb

3.  Under Student Quick Links, choose the 10th option "Degree Audit"

4.  The current registration term will automatically populate.  Click Submit

5.  Look at the Curriculum Information and determine if that is the degree you want to audit.
    If it is, click on Generate New Evaluation.  Please note the catalog term

6.  Click the circle directly to the left of the listed degree plan, change the term to the
    semester and year that was stated on the previous page and then press "Generate

7.  If you would like to do a degree audit on a different degree than what is listed under your
    curriculum information, then choose What-If-Analysis

8.  Choose the term that represents the catalog you would like to follow

9.  Choose the program you want evaluated and press continue

10.  Confirm the major you want evaluated again under First Major, then press submit

11.  Evaluation term will automatically populate.  Click Generate Request

Click the image to login to CougarWeb! 

CougarWeb image

For a 'printer-friendly' version of these instructions, click here.