7/16/18, 7:45 p.m. -- Power has been restored on our Spring Creek Campus in Plano.  Classes will resume and offices will open as scheduled on Tuesday, 7/17.

Transfer F-1 Visa Applicants (Within the U.S.)

Step 1: Complete the Collin College International Application for Admission

1aCertification of ResidencyPDF
      (Oath / Signature Part I)

Step 2: Official TOEFL (institution code: 6805) or IELTS scores must be submitted with the following minimum scores:

                 TOEFL--525 for the paper based test or 71 for internet based test
                 IELTS--6.5 or higher
                 ENGL 1301 with a C or better

Step 3: Complete the Financial Information Worksheet  AND provide supporting documentation for at least one of the following:



   Documentation Required

  Personal Savings

      Bank statement showing balance equal or
      greater than $24,000.

  Parents, relatives or friends (if outside

  • Letter of guarantee from sponsor AND
• Bank statement showing balance equal or
     greater than $24,000.



  • I-134 form (I-134 instructions) AND
 Bank statement showing balance equal or
    greater than $24,000.

  Your Government

  • Official letter confirming type and amount of financial

Step 4: Submit transcripts from all U.S. schools.  Only official transcripts from U.S. schools will be accepted. 

Step 5: A copy of the front page of your passport showing your name, country of origin, and the expiration date of the passport.  Additionally, the International Students Office will need a copy of the following documents:

                > Current I-20

                > I-94

                > Visa

                > Financial documents (as indicated from Financial Information Worksheet)

               > ISO Local or Foreign Address form

Step 6: The Transfer F-1 Verification Form must be completed by current International Student Advisor

Step 7:   Submit the items in steps 2 through 6 to:
               International Student Office
               Collin College - SCC
               2800 E. Spring Creek Parkway
               Plano, TX 75074