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Spring Creek Advising

Each advisor has a specialization listed below.  All are equipped to answer general questions about degree plans, degree audits, transfer process and course selection.

Academic Advisors

Matt Gintonio
Matt earned his B.S. Ed and M.Ed. from the University of Arkansas.  Matt is assigned to the Math & Natural Sciences Department, Business Field of Study, Business Management, Marketing, and Biotechnology certificate program.
Contact: (972) 377-1771.

Nadia Khedairy Nadia earned her A.A. from Collin College and her B.A. from The University of North Texas.  Nadia is assigned to the Child Development, Education, and Hendrick programs.
Contact: (469) 365-1816.

Keyona McClellan Keyona earned her B.A.A.S from The University of North Texas and earned her M.Ed. there as well.  Keyona is assigned to the Social, Behavioral Science, and Developmental Education Departments. 
Contact: (972) 516-5069.

Samia Siddiqui Samia earned her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies at University of Texas at Dallas.  Samia is the MAPP Coordinator and the Honors Advisor at the Spring Creek Campus.
Contact: 578-5564.

Suzette Ricketts Suzette earned her B.A. in Foreign Language and her M.A. in Higher Education from the University of Central Florida. Suzette is assigned to Weekend College.

International Student Office Advisors

Rebecca Crowell  Rebecca is assigned to the Developmental Education & ESL students.  She is the Coordinator of International Students. 
Contact: (972) 516-5011.

Ines Kirk  is assigned to the Developmental Educational & ESL students.  She is the advisor for international students working with immigration issues. 
Contact: (972) 516-5093.

 Student Development Assistants

Jacqueline Carroll Jacqueline is the part-time Secretary for the Student Development Office. 
Contact: (972) 516-5039.