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What is the refund policy?

Tuition refund processing for an undergraduate term begins the month after registration opens Continuing Education course refunds are processed on a continuing basis. Eligible credit amounts from registration and/or residency changes may take up to 30 days to be refunded.  Financial aid refund processing begins approximately one week after the primary term's census date. Students who pay by credit card generally receive their refund as a credit against the  charge on the credit card account or as an e-Refund to their saved refund profile. (Note:  Some system processes result in refund types which vary from the initial payment tender.)  If a VISA, MasterCard, or Discover gift card was used to pay charges, any refund amount will be refunded to the gift card.  Refund checks for students who paid by check, cash, or debit card and/or financial aid award credits are mailed to the student's permanent address of record maintained by the Admissions and Records Office; or to expedite receipt of the refund, students may elect to receive their funds electronically to a saved checking or savings account.

 To sign up for Fast Cash (eRefunds):

     - Log into CougarWeb
     - In the Student Quick Links block, select the CougarPay (Manage Payments & eRefunds) link
     - Select the Collin College Account Suite bar
     - From My Profile Setup select Electronic Refunds and then Set Up Account
     - Provide all the requested
checking/savings account information

IMPORTANT NOTICEIf activity on a student account generates a credit balance, the credit amount may be applied against any past due charges—including charges assessed in another term—before any refund is processed for the student.

Students in canceled classes, who make a payment and do not add another class, will automatically be dropped and refunded through the scheduled refund process for the term.

How do I know how much my refund will be?

Remission of tuition and fee charges for credit courses is calculated in accordance with the state-mandated rules (see below). One hundred percent (100%) remission is calculated for drops completed prior to each undergraduate term's first class day.  Any course dropped on or after the first day of a term or express session identified with the term will remit tuition and fee charges at the state mandated percentage rate (less than 100%), even if another course is added on the same date. The first class day is always the first official day of the term or express session, not the first day of a specific course.  Continuing Education courses must be dropped two days prior to the course start date to receive 100 percent credit.

Student initiated drop/withdrawals after a term or mini-session begins will be eligible for the percentage based tuition and fee remission of charges as outlined below.  Refunds of 100 percent will no longer be available for dropped/withdrawn courses, including those changes based on campus, professor, and/or date/time convenience; and students are encouraged to consider the financial consequences  prior to making schedule changes.  CE refund schedule requires a course to be dropped two days prior to the course start date to receive a 100 percent credit.  Courses dropped the day prior to or day of course start time/date are eligible for 80 percent refund credit.  As of the course start time/date, drops are not authorized for CE courses and no refund credit is assessed.  Any added course will be assessed at the full tuition rate for the number of hours and the residency status of the student.  Full payment for all assessed charges is due at the time of registration activity to ensure enrollment status of all courses.


THECB Refund Rules for Credit Course Drop/Withdrawal Percentages


Course Length (# weeks)
100%  70 % 25% 0%

Prior to Class Day

Thru Class Day

Thru Class Day

As of Class Day

16 or more
20 21
15 weeks
19 20
14 weeks 
17 18

13 weeks



16 17

12 weeks



15 16

11 weeks



14 15
10 weeks
 1 9 12 13
9 weeks
 1 9 11 12
8 weeks
 1 8 10 11
7 weeks 1 7 9 10
6 weeks 1 5 7 8
5 weeks 1 5 6 7
4 weeks 1 4 5 6
3 weeks 1 3 4 5
2 weeks or less 1 2 n/a 3

Continuing Education Course Drop Percentages



2 days prior to course start date Day prior to course start date Day of course but prior to course start time As of course start date/time
Percentage Refund
100%  80% 80%   0%

 *A $2 non-refundable record fee will be deducted from all refunds, and the State of Texas minimum $200 tuition requirement for out-of-state residents will be assessed on any drop/withdrawn account.

For credit term 'class day' determination, Sunday is only counted if it s the course start date, Saturday is not counted for summer terms, except for a Saturday course start date.

Contact the Cashier's Office for specific dates and refund amounts for the specific course and part of term.

These dates are provided for information purposes only before the printed official registration guide is available. We reserve the right to make changes or deletions at any time without notice. In the event of a discrepancy between the dates on this page and the dates on the printed registration guide, the student is responsible for verifying the dates on the printed registration guide and/or contacting the Cashier to verify/confirm dates.


As noted above, Collin's refund policy is defined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board refund rules and is determined by course start date, duration of course, and date of student drop/withdrawal activity.  However, for some unforeseen medical emergency and/or death in the immediate family situations, Collin's Refund Exception Review Committee may authorize an exception to the refund policy with a credit for tuition and/or fee charges.  For detailed criteria and submission instructions for credit term refund exceptions, refer to the Out of Policy Refund Petition.  For CE students, access the form online at