Dual Credit and Concurrent Credit for High School/Home School Students

What is Dual Credit?
High School students can take Collin College courses and receive credit both for their high school diploma and their college degree.  Courses may be taught on the high school or college campus by Collin College professors.

What is Concurrent Credit?
This is when a student earns college credit only for a college course taught on the college campus.

High School/Home School Official approval is required for both dual and concurrent credit.

College credit will transfer to most colleges or universities. Please visit Collin's TransferU for more information.                                         

Who can participate?
Students enrolled in a public high school, private, charter or home school who are ready to acquire college credit can participate.  Students must also have permission from the appropriate high school officials, an A/B grade point average, meet Texas Success Initiative standards and demonstrate the maturity level needed to be successful in college course work.

Enrollment Procedures and Requirements
Students complete the entire admissions, testing, and registration process at Collin College.  A photo ID is required for all transactions on campus.  Start the process by visiting with your high school counselor to discuss eligibility and class schedule.  After meeting with your counselor you can:

1. Apply for admission at https://apply.collin.edu.  
2. Turn in completed and signed High School Registration Permission Form      to your high school counselor or directly to a Collin College Student and Enrollment Services Office or a Special Admissions Coordinator/Advisor.
3. Provide an Official High School Transcript with test scores.
4. Take the TSI assessment or provide proof of exemption/waiver.

5. Provide bacterial meningitis vaccination documentation.
6. Complete mandatory harassment prevention training, which is located on the Student tab in CougarWeb.  The hold will be removed within one hour of completing the training.
Returning students start here after turning in new permission form.

7. Register online via CougarWeb. Click here      for instructions.   
8. Pay tuition by the deadlines posted in the registration guide.  Some high schools have earlier deadlines (please check with your school).  If you feel your tuition and fee balance is incorrect, please check your residency status with Admissions and Records.
9. Buy books--Collin Bookstore.
10. Pick up your college photo ID and parking sticker--Student Engagement.

*Students are responsible for tuition, books, and materials.

Course information and other program details:

  • Enrollment is limited to approved courses on your registration permission form.    . Your high school determines if you will receive dual or concurrent credit.
  • Students must meet course prerequisites as outlined in the catalog.
  • Dual/concurrent credit students are not eligible for 3-week Maymester, Wintermester, developmental level, or physical education classes.
  • Students are held to the academic policies as presented in the Collin College catalog.

For general inquiries about the dual credit/concurrent enrollment program, please contact dualcredit@collin.edu or call 469-365-1850.