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Information for Graduating Dual Credit Seniors
Information for Graduating Dual Credit Seniors

Do you plan to continue your academic career at Collin College?

Congratulations! We are excited you have decided to continue your studies with Collin!

You are a continuing/returning student and do not need to reapply for Admission. We do need to update your status from D-Dual Credit to I-In progress/F-Freshman in our system.

In order to update your status, please turn in the following documents to the Admissions and Records Office:

1. A conditional admission contract (CAC). This will allow you to register on a conditional basis pending receipt of your final high school transcript.
For summer 2015 you may turn in the CAC to update your status starting January 26th.
For fall 2015, you may turn in the CAC to update your status starting April 21st.
2. A final official high school transcript with graduation date. If your final high school transcript is not processed by the due date on your CAC (the census day for your next semester of attendance), you will have a hold preventing registration for future terms.

3. Bacterial meningitis vaccine documentation.  If you used the exception form for classes on a HS campus, you must provide proof of the vaccine or another type of exception or exemption.  Please see for details.

Would you like to request a college transcript from Collin College?
You may request an official transcript through Credential Solutions. Please click here to order.