Be a part of the Collin College Mentor Program

Mentor and Mentee


The mission of the Collin Mentor Program is to provide a personal connection between a Collin student and a staff or faculty member.  Each mentor/mentee pairing seeks to create a comfortable environment where self-awareness, academic exploration and open communication are encouraged. The Collin Mentor Program is based on proven research that students who feel supported and connected to their institution of higher education are more likely to graduate.

How does the Mentor Program work?

We understand that being a student can be a tough job!  Not only are you adjusting to a new environment, a new schedule and new people, but you are also striving for success. The Mentor Program is designed to foster a support network for students through positive relationships with a professional faculty or staff member.  

What is expected of a Mentee?

A Collin Mentee should be committed to making the experience successful and valuable. Mentees must take the  initiative to attend meetings and communicate regularly with their mentor. Mentees should also identify their expectations and goals for their participation in the program.

What is expected of a Mentor?

A Collin Mentor is a faculty or staff member who is passionate about student success. A mentor commits to holding three, one-on-one meetings with a mentee per semester. Each mentor will receive modules to help guide the mentoring sessions. The mentor can utilize these resources or develop his/her own process. Mentoring sessions can focus on a variety of topics including: personal and professional development, goal setting, leadership styles, academic success, Collin Resources and mutual interests.

How do I apply?

Interested students and faculty/staff members fill out an application at the beginning of the Fall Semester. Once all applications are received, Mentor/Mentee pairings are established based on common interests, main campus and areas of experience. 

Applications for the 2017-2018 academic year are closed.  Applications are available in August. 


For more information, please contact the Assistant Director of Student Engagement at 972.881.5787 or  

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