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Cost of Attendance
Cost of Attendance

Priority deadline for Fall is April 1.  Priority deadline for Spring is November 1.

The cost of attendance (COA), also known as the budget, is an estimate of what it costs the typical student to attend Collin College for a given time period and includes the following components:

Tuition and Fees - The actual costs for tuition and fees and an allowance for class/lab fees for a Collin student. The actual costs that a student incurs may vary depending on the student's program of study, residency and they're housing arrangements.

Supplies - The average cost of books and supplies for a typical student. This does not include unusual costs for special groups of students (i.e. art or culinary arts majors.)

Room and Board - A reasonable estimate of what it would cost to live in Collin County while attending school .  Actual costs may vary based on location and other individual choices and circumstances.

Transportation - The estimated transportation costs for a typical student. Actual costs may vary.

Personal and Misc. - A reasonable allowance for other living expenses incurred by a typical student.  Again, actual costs may vary.

Standardized costs of attendance are established each year and are applied equally across similar groups of students (for example, full time students.)

2014 - 2015   Cost of Attendance


The following charts represent the cost of attendance for a student enrolled in 20 hours for the Fall/Spring semesters and with an in-county residency living off-campus, and the other with an in-county residency living with parents. 

In County - Off Campus                  
Tuition and Fees ($39 x 20 hrs. + 50 course fees)  $   830
Books & Supplies       750
Housing and Food      8730
Transportation      2613
Miscellaneous      1891


In County - With Parents      
Tuition and Fees ($39 x 20 hrs. + $50 course fees)   $   830   
Books & Supples        750
Housing and Food      2548   
Transportation      2613
Miscellaneous      1891

 $ 8,632



To see a copy of the 2013-2014 cost of attendance charts, click here.