State of Texas Exemptions


On June 5, 2014, the new Senate Bill 1210 rules for State of Texas exemptions took effect. The following is a detailed explanation of the new rules.

Eligibility Requirements

Beginning with the Fall 2014 semester, the following requirements must be met by all students using State of Texas exemption benefits:

  • Eligibility requirements for each specific exemption remain the same. For more details on eligibility requirements as well as more detail on the program changes, please visit the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s (THECB) website here: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
  •  While the following SAP requirements are not new, the new rules did provide more detail and
    clarification on the exact conditions.

            All students receiving the a State of Texas Exemption must make Satisfactory Academic Progress
           (SAP) in accordance
with the institution’s financial aid policy.


                > You must maintain a cumulative financial aid GPA* of at least a 2.0, and

                > Can no longer receive the exemption if you are reported by the institution as having access hours as defined by
                   Education Code 54.014

  • Each subsequent semester, as before, students using an exemption must either let the Financial Aid Office know they wish to use it for the upcoming semester (as in the case of the adoption or foster care exemption, for example), or submit the appropriate letter or application per your specific exemption program.  (To see the continuing requirements for your specific exemption, click on the appropriate link below.)


Submitting in a Timely Fashion

Please remember there are hundreds of students using exemptions at the College.  Please submit your applications/letters as early as possible to prevent delays.  If you submit your application, for example, the week before payment deadline or later, we cannot guarantee it will be posted to your account in time to hold your classes.

In these cases, you will need to pay for your classes out-of-pocket, and once processed, and if you are still eligible for the exemption, it will be posted to your account, which will generate a refund to you.

Notes About SAP

Both GPA and Max Hours are evaluated at the end of EACH semester (i.e., when grades post).

*Financial Aid GPA includes grades for developmental courses.

Not Making SAP

If upon the completion of any semester, a student fails to meet any of the above eligibility requirements, the student is not eligible to receive the exemption for the next semester in which the student enrolls. Students may become eligible in a subsequent semester if they complete a semester or semesters on their own and are once again meeting the eligibility/SAP requirements.

For students with a rare, extenuating circumstance (as described in the Financial Aid section of the website under Satisfactory Academic Progress), they may submit an appeal with supporting documentation. See the instructions for submitting appeals in that same section: Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy.

State of Texas Exemptions at Collin College

Click on the appropriate link below to see information about your specific exemption.

Hazlewood Exemption

Fire Science Exemption

Peace Office Exemption

Adoption Exemption

Foster Care Exemption

Deaf/Blind Exemption

Exemption for Clinical Nurse Preceptors and Their Children

Child of Professional Nursing Staff


If you do not see your exemption listed here, please speak with the staff in the Financial Aid Office.

If you are eligible for a State of Texas waiver, please see the Admissions Office.

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