Hold Information & Resolution Guide

HS - High School Enrollment Form

If you are a dual credit student, you must have a completed High School Student Enrollment Form on file with Collin College prior to registering for each semester. Please visit with your high school counselor for approval and to pick up this form. You may also pick up these forms in Admissions.

Your high school may provide the High School Student Enrollment Form directly to Collin College if you return it to them with appropriate signatures during the school year (or by the high school's deadline). You may also provide it to Admissions or a Special Admissions Coordinator/Advisor.

The form must be signed by a high school official (most commonly a high school counselor) and the student. Your parent/guardian must also sign if you are under the age of 18.

If you have already graduated high school and are continuing at Collin College after dual credit enrollment, please visit with Admissions about having your status updated. A final high school transcript will be required.

For questions, please contact Dual Credit: dualcredit@collin.edu or 469.365.1850

ID: SSN/ITIN/WS9 Required

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires Collin College to report qualified tuition and fees and/or payments on IRS Form 1098-T.  Collin College does not currently have a Social Security Number or other U.S. tax identification (TIN) on file for you.

Complete the W-9S form found here . Complete Parts I and II if you are providing a SSN/ITIN. If you are not eligible for a SSN/ITIN or decline to provide, please complete Parts I and III. You may fax the form to 972.758.3843, return by mail, or deliver in person on campus.

IM - Immunization Proof Required

Students under the age of 22 must show proof of having a bacterial meningitis vaccination (or submit a conscientious exemption form from the Texas Department of State Health Services).  The proof of immunization can be submitted to the Admissions office at any campus or by email to admissions@collin.edu 

For more information, please visit www.collin.edu/meningitis 

 MA - Mandatory Advising

If you have scored into a developmental education level on the TSI assessment in at least one subject (ex: Math, English or Reading), you must meet with an Academic Advisor prior to enrolling for the next Term. After your advising session, the hold will be removed within one hour to allow you to register.
How do I satisfy the hold requirements?

Option 1. Online - No need to come on campus! Avoid lines and complete the session in CougarWeb.  The link is available in CougarWeb and can be found in the "Mandatory Training & Hold Information" channel found on the Student tab. Select "Mandatory Advising" and complete the requirements.  Once complete, your hold will automatically be removed within one hour.
Option 2. Stop by in person at the campus of your choice. Save time by reserving your spot online via our check-in system, CougarQ.

M1 - Mandatory Orientation

First Time In College students at Collin College are required to attend orientation prior to registration.  You can satisfy your orientation requirement by attending orientation on campus or accessing online orientation.

For details, please visit the orientation website.

  M3 - Mandatory Advising for 3 levels

The M3 hold is a registration hold that is placed on any student who scores into the developmental education level in all three TSI subject areas (Math, English and Reading).

The M3 hold remains active on the student’s account until they attend a mandatory advising session prior to registration, pass a Learning Frameworks course (EDUC 1300 or PSYC 1300), or become TSI complete in at least one subject area (Math, English or Reading).

RQ - Harassment Prevention Training

New students must complete mandatory training for prevention of sexual violence.  This hold will remain in place until the training has been completed.  The link is available in CougarWeb and can be found in the "Mandatory Training & Hold Information" channel found on the Student tab.  Once the training has been completed, the hold will be removed within one hour. If you encounter difficulty completing the training or have additional issues, please call 972.377.1750 for assistance.

01 - TSI Assessment (TSIA)

The TSI Assessment (TSIA) is part of the Texas Success Initiative program designed to determine readiness for college-level course work in the general areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. The assessment will determine the type of course or intervention which will best meet the needs of the student to become better prepared for college-level course work.

Please refer to our website for possible exemptions and the required Pre-Assessment Activity.

To resolve the hold, official proof of exemption must be provided by a high school or college transcript, an official test score report, or by taking the TSI Assessment in one of our campus Testing Centers.

For questions, please contact the Director of Testing Office:
tsi_info@collin.edu or 972.548.6773

04 - Transcript Required

All students are required to send official transcripts from their high school and/or previous colleges attended.

If you are a dual credit student, you must submit a current high school official transcript to the Collin College Admissions office.

Once a student switches from dual credit to college freshman, you must submit a final high school official transcript to the Collin College Admissions office.

Students must submit official transcripts from every academic institution they have attended after or during high school.

For questions, please contact any Collin College Admissions Office

  • Central Park Campus (CPC) 972.548.6710
  • Preston Ridge Campus (PRC) 972.377.1710
  • Spring Creek Campus (SCC) 972.881.5744

Admissions can also be reached by e-mail at admissions@collin.edu

09 - Disciplinary

The “Disciplinary” hold is placed on students’ records by the Dean of Students (DOS) Office. Students must schedule and appear for an appointment with the appropriate DOS case adjudicator in order to resolve this hold.

For questions and/or to schedule an appointment, contact the appropriate DOS Office at 972.881.5604 or dos@collin.edu

10 - Unsatisfactory Progress

If the cumulative Collin College GPA of a student is under 2.0 after grades have been posted then the student will be placed on either academic warning, probation, or suspension.

How do I satisfy the hold requirements?

Once grades have been posted and the student’s cumulative is under a 2.0 GPA, the student must come into advising to fill out appropriate paperwork for academic warning or probation as well as discuss options/steps to relieve the current academic status.

Once a student is on academic warning or probation, the student must turn in a progress report to the advising office before the withdrawal date of the current semester.

If the student reports back a 2.0 or higher GPA (with no ‘D’ grades present) on that progress report, the advising office will be able to waive the hold an additional semester.

If a student is on probation, the student is limited to 13 credit hours a semester, must take a College Success course (COSU 0300), and cannot take 3-Week May Term offered during the Summer semester unless it is the College Success course (COSU 0300). 

For questions, please contact any Advising Office.

  • Central Park Campus (CPC) 972.548.6782
  • Preston Ridge Campus (PRC) 972.377.1779
  • Spring Creek Campus (SCC) 972.881.5782

Advising can be reached by e-mail as well at academicadvising@collin.edu

  35 - On-Line Learning LASSI

A student under probation, but at a 1.75 GPA or higher, is permitted to complete an online LASSI assignment which requires the student to go through 10 online LASSI modules and write a 5 page paper upon the modules. This waives the student having to take the College Success course (COSU) normally required for probation students.

How do I satisfy the hold requirements?

To resolve this hold, the student must come into advising after grades for the semester have been submitted to receive a packet with information upon how to complete the 10 online modules and the 5 page paper.

For questions, please contact any Advising Office.

    • Central Park Campus (CPC) 972.548.6782
    • Preston Ridge Campus (PRC) 972.377.1779
    • Spring Creek Campus (SCC) 972.881.5782

Advising can be reached by e-mail as well at academicadvising@collin.edu