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Online Registration
Online Registration

Register early for Summer and Fall 2016!

Academic Term Dates

Spring 2016                             January 19 to May 15, 2016

Single Summer Term 2016
3-Week May                             May 16 to May 31, 2016
5-Week June                            June 6 to July 8, 2016
5-Week July                              July 11 to August 9, 2016
Full term                                    June 6 to August 9, 2016

Fall 2016                                   August 22 to December 13, 2016

(For more detail on the important dates within each term, please click on the calendar link found on the Campus Life page.)

It's fast, easy and convenient. Get the classes you need by taking advantage of online registration. See online registration schedule dates detailed on this page.

  • New students may register online via CougarWeb after admission, assessment and advising.  Students will receive username and password from the Admissions and Records Office.
  • Returning students who already have CougarWeb access information are not required to come to campus unless they need to readmit, assess or obtain advice, or if they have holds on their records.

Online Registration Schedule

CougarWeb registration is based on completed Collin College credit hours.  This schedule is designed to help students who want to complete specific course requirements for a degree/certificate at Collin or for transfer to a university.

The number of earned hours you have accumulated will be used to determine when you can register.  You can access this information on your unofficial transcript through CougarWeb.

-->Students with a 3.5 or higher GPA who enroll in at least one Honors course, receive priority registration: meaning they are eligible to begin registering for classes on the first day of the priority registration schedule (listed below). They may do so online or face-to-face on campus with an Academic Advisor.

Please refer to the following chart to see when you can begin to register:


Single Summer Term 2016


Hours at Collin                  Registration Start Date
(currently enrolled hours
do not count)

50 hours and above                     March 8

30 hours and above                     March 10

1 hour and above                         March 15

Open for All  beginning                March 17*

*March 17 will be open to all current, returning and new students

REGULAR REGISTRATION        May 8 to June 5, 2016
Payment in full is required the same day as registration. Unfunded courses may be dropped for nonpayment.

LATE REGISTRATION                 On or after June 6
Subject to late fees and payment in full is required the same day as registration. Unfunded courses may be dropped nonpayment.


Fall 2016


Hours at Collin                   Registration Start Date
(currently enrolled hours
do not count)

50 hours and above                        April 19

30 hours and above                        April 21

1 hour and above                            April 26

Open for All beginning                    June 2*

*June 2 will be open to all current, returning, and new students


Semester Online Registration Dates

noted in Registration Guide; beginning dates noted above

*After the payment deadline date, payment must be made at the time of registration.  These dates are provided  for information purposes only before the official registration guide is available.  The Admissions and Records Office  reserves the right to make changes or deletions at any time without notice.  In the event of a discrepancy between the dates on this page and the dates in the registration guide,  the student is responsible for verifying dates by contacting the Cashier and/or the  Admissions and Records Office.

Schedule Changes

During online registration, you may add and/or drop classes by accessing CougarWeb.

Students may add or drop classes via CougarWeb through the second day of the term for the Fall and Spring terms. After the second day of the term, add/drop changes must be completed in person at the Admissions and Records Office.

Single Summer Term adds and/or drops may be completed via CougarWeb through the first day of class. After the first day of class, add/drop changes must be made in person at the Admissions and Records Office.

Courses Without CRN Numbers

Courses that require permission to enroll do not have CRN numbers printed in the schedule.  Contact the appropriate department to obtain the call number or written authorization to enroll.

Help Lines

Campus                                      Telephone

CPC/McKinney and Allen          972.548.6744
SCC/Plano & Rockwall              972.881.5744
PRC/Frisco                                 972.377.1744