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Withdrawal Policy
Withdrawal Policy

TexasEducation Code 51.907 Course Drop Limit Provisions
Students who enroll as an entering freshman or a first-time college student in undergraduate courses at any Texas public community college, technical institute, health sciences institution, or any public university offering undergraduate courses must comply with the legislation of TEC51.907.
TEC51.907 states that students who enroll for the first time during the fall 2007 semester or any subsequent semester are subject to the course drop limit of six course drops. This includes any course a transfer student has dropped at another institution.
(Collin College will begin to count withdrawn courses Fall 2009 semester.)


Drops after the term census date are considered withdrawals and appear as a "W" on the transcript.Students cannot withdraw on CougarWeb. Please refer to chart below for Last Day to Withdraw.

Courses can be repeated only once to replace the grade. As stated in the Collin catalog (p.30) "a course in which a grade (including W) has been received can be repeated only one time to replace the grade."

Prior  to withdrawing, students should talk with their professors and/or their advisors. Student  athletes, international students, and students receiving financial aid and/or veteran's benefits are required to notify the appropriate office prior to dropping or withdrawing from classes and to get written approval from that specific office.

Students who wish to withdraw from classes may do so:

  •     in person:  Visit the Admissions and Records Office at any campus. Students will fill out a drop/withdrawal ticket to have it processed at the Admissions counter.    
  •     by mail:   The withdrawal request should include: student's name, CWID number, phone number, class/classes from which to withdraw, and reason for withdrawal (you're welcome to use Collin's Drop/Withdraw form). Student's signature is required on mailed requests.For mailed withdrawals, the postmark date is the official withdrawal date. See the Admissions and Records Office directory for mailing addresses.

Failure to drop or withdraw on or before the Last Day to Withdraw will result in a performance grade.

Students enrolled in an express class should contact the Admissions and Records Office for the last day to withdraw. Last day to withdraw varies according to the length of the class. Refunds will also vary. 

Last Day to Withdraw (from regular semester-length classes)


Last Day to Withdraw*


October 16, 2015 by 5pm 


December 21, 2015 by 5pm


March 18, 2016 by 5pm 

 3- Week May

May 20, 2016 by 5pm 

5-Week June

June 21, 2016 by 5pm

5-Week July

July 26, 2016 by 5pm

10-Week Summer

July 7, 2016 by 5pm

*These dates are provided  before the registration guide is available.  The Admissions and Records Office reserves the right to make changes or deletions at any time without notice.  This information is intended for information only.    In the event of a discrepancy between the dates on this page and the dates on the printed registration guide, the student is responsible for contacting the Admissions and Records Office to confirm the dates.