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About the Collin VA Office

The Collin College Financial Aid & Veterans Services Office is not a division of the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. We serve as a liaison between the VA and those students of Collin College participating in a VA education program. There is no "official" VA representative on campus.

Our office can assist with the processing of VA forms required to determine eligibility as well as to certify student enrollment to the VA. Our office is available to answer (many) questions about veterans education benefits, to certify enrollments for the VA and to monitor student degree plans and academic progress.

Because a student's entitlement is based upon the number of credit hours for which the student is enrolled, the veteran's enrollment status and academic progress is closely monitored by the Regional VA Office. If the VA finds a problem, the Veteran Affairs Regional Office will report the problem in writing to the student.  However, the Financial Aid & Veterans Services Office at Collin College will NOT receive such notification. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the student to respond to any letter that is sent to them by the VARO.

The Collin College Financial Aid & Veterans Services Office will be glad to assist you and answer any question we can. In order to assist each student with their VA certification, we strive to ensure that each student fulfills his/her responsibilities under the VA program.

Approved Programs

To see the Collin programs approved for veterans benefits, visit the website here: Approved Programs

Type in Collin County Community College and then choose Institution of Higher Learning. (Leave the Yellow Ribbon box empty).  Then double click on the state of Texas.  On the next page, click on Collin County Community College and then Programs (in the gray box).

For degree programs, choose Institution of Higher Learning.
For certificate programs, choose Non-College Degree. 

*There is sometimes a delay in posting new programs or removing discontinued programs. However, the list is fairly up-to-date. Check with a certifying official if in doubt.