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Supplemental & Concurrent Enrollment

A student may take courses at more than one school that apply to his or her degree. The more common reasons this happens is that the student cannot get the course they want that semester, or at the times that are convenient for them, or a student has exceeded the number of times they can retake a course at the school, etc.

The school that will grant the degree is the student's "primary" or "parent" school. All other schools are "secondary" schools.

VA can pay benefits for courses taken at both the primary or parent school and secondary schools concurrently and will pay for the combined credit, taking overlapping enrollment dates into account.

If the student is only enrolled at the secondary school (supplemental enrollment), VA will still pay for the credits taken at the secondary school.  


In either case, the student will still need to get a PIL from the parent school.


Note:  In most cases, if the student is enrolled at both a 4 year university and a 2 year or junior college, the 4 year university will be the primary or parent institution.

Obtaining a Parent Institution Letter (PIL)

If you are attending another school from which you'll receive your degree and wish to take courses at Collin College that will transfer to your parent school, follow the procedures below: You must request a Parent Institution Letter (PIL) from your primary or parent institution (the institution from which you will receive your degree) listing the approved Collin courses that will transfer to the parent institutional degree program upon successful completion.

1.  To obtain a PIL from the college or university where you will obtain your degree, contact the Veterans Affairs Office at that institution to request the letter. The Veterans Rep there can email, snail mail or fax the PIL to Collin's Veterans Services Office.  

2.  The PIL must contain the following:

  • Identify the student (name, social security number, and education chapter; file number and suffix for chapter 35) as a student at <insert name of your school> pursuing a <insert name of your student's program>. 
  • State, "The courses listed below satisfy <insert name of program> requirements and will transfer at full value to <insert name of your school>."
  • List the courses the student is taking or will take at the secondary school that your school will accept as transfer credit that apply to the student's program.
  • State, "<Student> intends to take the above courses at <Secondary School> <Identify term, for example, fall semester 2019>." Please certify the course(s) to VA as the secondary school. VA data and history for both primary and secondary schools will be in VA-ONCE.

3. Once the PIL has been given to Collin's Veterans Affairs Office, the student will be certified for the Collin courses that are listed. It is the student's responsibility to request a transcript be sent from the secondary school to the parent school upon successful completion of the course or courses.

If Collin is your Parent Institution

If you need to request a PIL be sent to another school, you must fill out the Request for Issuance of a PIL found under VA forms and submit it to your assigned VA Advisor.

You must provide ALL the information on the form or the PIL will not be issued to the secondary school. In addition, you MUST be sure that the course(s) listed is/are the equivalent of the class(es) needed for your degree program at Collin College. (Speak with a degree evaluator in the Admissions Office.)

If it is found that the course(s) will NOT transfer as the intended course or into an available slot, a rescinded PIL will be issued to the secondary school informing them of this matter and requesting they cancel the certification.  The VA may require you to repay any monies disbursed to you. It is the student's responsibility to request a transcript be sent from the secondary school to the parent school upon successful completion of the course or courses.