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Transfer Credit


Collin College degree plan coordinators from the Registrar’s Office conduct official transcript evaluations. Students must be currently admitted to Collin College to request a degree plan.


 In addition to using credit earned at other institutions to achieve advanced placement at Collin College, students may receive such standing by presenting evidence of having satisfactorily completed a program of military training for which equivalent college credit may be given in accordance with the American Council on Education Standards and Recommendations.

The degree plan coordinator in the Registrar’s Office evaluates Armed Forces credit. Credit for military training will be awarded upon receipt of a student’s DD214 or documentation of active service (Reserves, active duty, or honorable discharge).


Students who transfer to Collin College from other institutions of higher education may be awarded credit according to the conditions that follow.

1.  Credit must have been earned at a regionally accredited institution of higher education. Foreign
     transcripts will not be evaluated or accepted.

2.  An official transcript from all regionally accredited institutions of higher education attended by
     the student must be on file at Collin College.

3.  Official course descriptions from the catalog under which the student attended may be required
     for evaluation.

4.  Credit for courses equivalent to those listed in the Collin College Catalog will be accepted if the
     courses are required on the student’s degree plan for graduation. Other credits may be accepted in
     lieu of elective courses depending on the student’s area of study.

5.  Repeats rules from other institutions may vary and Collin College will follow what is listed on
     transcripts if a student has repeated same course at one institution multiple times.

6.  Grades of “D” are accepted from other institutions; however, a cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required for
     graduation. Grades of “F” and “I” will not transfer.

7.  While there is no limit on the number of hours that can be transferred into Collin College from other
    institutions, 25 percent of the degree/certificate must be earned from Collin College.

8.  Time limits and minimum grade requirements may be imposed for transfer work into select areas of
     study. Contact the academic dean’s office for details.

9.  Collin College does not evaluate transcripts or award transfer credit earned at foreign institutions;
     however, students may be eligible for credit through examination at the college.

10. Fall 1985 through Summer 2008 transfer work was included in students' overall GPA. Beginning
      Fall 2008 transfer work is not included in GPA.


Most publicly-supported colleges and universities have agreed to accept as transfer credits all CLEP credit granted by regionally accredited institutions using the criteria below. Students planning to use CLEP credit to meet degree requirements at other institutions should check the requirements of the receiving institution. CLEP General Exams are not evaluated for credit at Collin College. The college uses the following criteria for CLEP Subject Examination evaluation:

1.        CLEP credit shall be recorded on transcripts with a “CR” in order to be
            clearly recognized as credit earned by examination.

2.        Collin College will not replace an existing grade with CLEP credit, including a
            grade of “W.” Please note: a course must be dropped before census date to
            avoid a “W” grade.

3.        Credit is awarded for CLEP Subject Examination scores at or above the 70th
            percentile. See the Collin website or contact the Director of Testing for
            specific passing scores. Official score reports should be sent to the Director
            of Testing. The college code for Collin College is 2290.

For each CLEP examination, a non-refundable administrative and examination fee will be charged.  For information on taking a CLEP subject exam, please contact the Director of Testing.


Credit for some courses may be granted upon successful completion of a comprehensive examination over the content of the course. A nonrefundable fee is charged for each course examination. Students must be currently enrolled or enrolled within the past year and have earned at least six credit hours at Collin College to receive credit by examination. 

Credit by exam may be attempted only once for any given course. Students currently enrolled in the course they wish to test out of must test or withdraw prior to the census date of the enrolled semester. The student must score at or above the 70th percentile to receive credit for the course. 


For more detailed information, see the Collin College catalog or speak to the Registrar's Office.