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      J. Brett Adams (ABD, University of Oklahoma)
Environmental History, the American South and Rural History
Preston Ridge Campus, Office J212, 972-377-1604
      Adrienne Caughfield (Ph.D., Texas Christian University, 2002)
Jacksonian Era, American expansionism and exceptionalism, Cold War
Spring Creek Campus, B117, 972-578-5576
      Matthew Ware Coulter (PhD, University of North Texas, 1996)
Twentieth Century US; American Foreign Policy; the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt
Spring Creek Campus, Office C226, 972-881-5816
      Joe Jaynes (JD, Southern Methodist University, 2004)
The Presidency, Civil War, 1960s, Civil Rights
Central Park Campus, Office E214, 214-491-6258
Joan Jenkins (PhD, University of North Texas, 1989)
Western Civilization; Reformation and Enlightenment; Philosophy of David Hume
Spring Creek Campus, Office K243, 972-881-5829
      Melissa Johnson (MA, Texas Woman's University, 2000)
Nineteenth Century America; Industrialization
Spring Creek Campus, Office BB212, 972-578-5534
      Frank Mayhew (MA, Texas Woman's University, 2001)
Nineteenth Century U.S. History and Texas
Central Park Campus, Office E209, 972-548-6584
      Melody Miyamoto (PhD, Arizona State University, 2006)
The American West, Women and Gender
Central Park Campus, Office B233, 972-548-6685
      Jason Morgan (PhD, University of Texas)
      Chad E. Pearson (PhD, State University of New York, Albany, 2008)
Business; Labor and Working Class; Gilded Age; Progressive Era
Spring Creek Campus, Office BB109, 972-881-5115
      Michael Phillips (PhD, University of Texas, 2002)
Racial Ideology; Texas History; the American Right Wing
Spring Creek Campus, Office J244, 972-578-5504
      Thomas TJ Pickens (ABD, University of North Texas)
      Mark D. Popowsk (PhD, Oklahoma State University, 2008)
Twentieth Century U.S.; Cold War Era; American Catholicism; American Conservatism
Preston Ridge Campus, Office J218, 972-377-1601
      Meredith Richards-Martin (MA, Midwestern State University, 2002)
Late Nineteenth Century US History; Nineteenth Century Texas History; Middle Eastern History
Preston Ridge Campus, Office F167, 972-377-1025
      Clinton Starr (PhD, University of Texas, 2005)
U.S. Intellectual and Cultural History; Sexuality in the U.S.; Twentieth Century U.S.
Preston Ridge Campus, Office J245, 972-377-1703.
      Kristen Streater (PhD, University of Kentucky, 2001)
19th Century US History, Antebellum South, Women, Civil War
Spring Creek Campus, Office B118, Suite B115, 972-578-5577
      Samuel K. Tullock (PhD, University of Texas-Dallas, 1997)
American Colonial; American Religion; Twentieth Century Religious Movements 
Spring Creek Campus, Office D223, 972-881-5737
      Keith Volanto (PhD, Texas A&M University, 1998)
Great Depression/New Deal and Early Twentieth Century US History
Spring Creek Campus, Office L206, 972-578-5531
      Roger Ward (ABD, University of Kentucky)
Nineteenth Century America; Age of Jackson; African American History
Spring Creek Campus, Office B115A, 972-516-5026
      David Weiland (PhD, Cambridge University, 1996)
Latin America, Spain and Empire, Early Modern Europe and Economic History
Spring Creek Campus, Office L214 (Library), 972-881-5948
      Kyle Wilkison (PhD, Vanderbilt University, 1995)
American South; American Social History; Twentieth Century U.S.
Spring Creek Campus, Office L269, 972-881-5834
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