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HealthSelect Medical Plan


Collin College offers two medical plans through the Employees Retirement System of Texas - HealthSelect and Consumer Directed HealthSelect.

Members are expected to stay within the network of providers.  Staying within the network means no Annual Deductible and a maximum of $2,000 in standard out-of-pocket expenses, also called co-insurance, per covered person.  Each member will select a Primary Care Physician who will direct all medical care.  A co-pay of $25 will be required each time you visit your Primary Care Physician.  Should you need to see a specialist, your Primary Care Physician will need to submit a referral to a network specialist and a co-pay of $40 is required when you visit a specialist. 

At the same time, you have the right to see any doctor you wish.  If you do so, coverage would be considered out-of-network and services would then be subject to a deductible/coinsurance.

Following each medical service, you will receive an Explanation of Benefits, or EOB. This document will reflect what was submitted by the treating provider to your insurance. For more information on an EOB, or what these mean to you, the Texas Department of Insurance has a great webpage with more information!

You can access more information by visiting the Employee's Retirement System of Texas (ERS) and at the HealthSelect (Blue Cross Blue Shield) web site.