HealthSelect Medical Plan


Collin College offers two medical plans, HealthSelect and Consumer Directed HealthSelect.

Members are expected to stay within the network of providers.  Staying within the network means no Annual Deductible and a maximum of $2,000 in annual out-of-pocket expenses, also called co-insurance, per covered person.  Each member will select a Primary Care Physician who will direct all medical care.  A co-pay of $25 will be required each time you visit your Primary Care Physician.  Should you need to see a specialist, your Primary Care Physician will write a referral to a network specialist and a co-pay of $40 is required when you visit a specialist.  There are additional co-pays for hospitalizations, emergency room visits, urgent care centers visits. 

At the same time, you have the right to see any doctor you wish.  If you do so, coverage would be considered out-of-network and you would incur a $500 annual deductible, up to three in a family, $7,000 annual out-of-pocket expenses and coverage at a 60%/40% rate. 

If you are a retiree age 65 or over or seek treatment outside the state of Texas that would be considered Out-of-Area coverage and would require a $200 annual deductible up to three in a family, $3,000 in annual out-of-pocket and coverage at a 70%/30% rate.

Currently, the state pays the cost of member only coverage and employees pay to cover eligible dependents. 

You can access more information by visiting the Employee's Retirement System of Texas (ERS) and at the HealthSelect (Blue Cross Blue Shield) web site. See below for links.

Required Notices:

HealthSelect COBRA Notice

Employees Retirement System of Texas Privacy Notice

Notice of Premium Assistance Under Medicaid & CHIP

Affordable Care Act Required Notice



ERS website:

HealthSelect of Texas website is available here.

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