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Monitoring EE Leave Balances
Monitoring Employee Leave Balances

Supervisors and employees should monitor their leave balances every month.  It is the responsibility of both the employee and supervisor to ensure the employee has sufficient paid leave time to cover any leave requests.  The only unpaid leave allowed is leave covered under approved FMLA/leaves of absence or military leave.  Supervisors may not allow or approve leave without pay without prior approval of the appropriate Leadership Team Member(s).

SupervisorsHow to Monitor Your Employees' Leave Balances

EmployeesHow to Monitor Your Own Leave Balances

Important Leave Balance Reminders

How to Monitor Your Employees' Leave Balances

  1. Log in to CougarWeb

  2. Go to the 'My Workplace' tab

  3. Select 'ePrint' under the Intranet Links

  4. Log in to ePrint using your regular Novell User Name and Password

  5. Select 'eAdminAssts' from the Repository drop down menu and click Enter

  6. Select the 'Leave Liability Report'

If you are unable to view the report, contact Human Resources to request access.

How to Monitor Your Own Leave Balances

  1. Log in to CougarWeb

  2. Go to the 'My Workplace' tab

  3. Click on 'Leave Details' in the 'Employment Details' section

  4. Select the link under the 'Type of Leave' column to access detailed information and history about a specific type of leave

Important Leave Balance Reminders

  • Leave information in ePrint or CougarWeb is based on leave reported and processed by the last payroll processing or time sheet cut-off date

  • Time off submitted or processed after that payroll (i.e. listed on current time sheet) is still pending and has not been deducted from leave balances; therefore, it is important to consider any unprocessed leave taken when determining current available leave balances.

  • Leave balances in ePrint and CougarWeb show credit vacation that is not yet earned.  Unearned vacation may be used for a regular vacation request (if approved by supervisor); however, unearned vacation may not be used during a leave of absence for medical reasons.

  • If an employee or supervisor is unsure about the amount of leave available, please contact Human Resources.